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Post  Backlinker on Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:23 pm

Why getting quality free backlinks to your site is so important?

There are many factors involved in search engines ranking algorithm, but it all comes down to a number of sites linking back to your website. Of course it does matter where the link is coming from, how relevant the site that links to you is and many other factors, but in a nutshell it is a number game. That’s why it is important to get free backlinks to your site. You are probably asking, what the easiest way to get other sites link to you is? I wrote an article where I show how to get free backlinks so make sure to read it.

I already mentioned that it’s important that a website linking to yours has a relevant content and some authority in Google’s eyes. It will increase your sites authority as well as rankings. To learn how to get it done, read another article where I tell how to get free quality backlinks.

Getting one way backlinks versus reciprocal links is another popular discussion. I think there is nothing wrong with reciprocal links, they still count and work but are not as effective as one way links. So make sure to get as many as possible free ONE WAY backlinks.

Remember even a single free backlink can boost your website rankings. Of course if it comes from high PR website Wink

From this site, you'll get the following:
Free Angela Backlinks
Free Paul Backlinks
Free Paulie Ciara Backlinks

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What's added so far:
Free Angela Backlinks of July 2010, August 2010, and September 2010. Will be updated monthly.
Free Paulie Ciara Backlinks uploaded and will be updated weekly.
Free Paul Backlinks of January 2010 has just been added which contains 120 backlink packets.
Free Paul Backlinks of February 2010 has just been added which contains 120 backlink packets.
More will be added soon.


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