NoFolow Vs DoFollow..Debate

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NoFolow Vs DoFollow..Debate Empty NoFolow Vs DoFollow..Debate

Post  gedman4u1 on Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:47 am

OK..since this seems to be the place to get the right information with egos getting in the way..I though I would as this question...and here is some background..

I was in another forum a blackhat one...looking at info on backlinks..naturally..

and one gentleman who seemed quite knowledgeable..claimed that he pushed a page to #1 in the finance niche using only NOFOLLOW backlinks

His stance was..1)..a link is a link...2)..Do Follow is good if you want page rank....NOFollow if you want higher positioning in the SERPS

and yeah..I'm kinda new...its hard knowing who to believe.....BUT...since reading stuff here..I now know that relevancy of where your link is..dont mean squat..but why do so many "authorities ram it down your throat that it does?"..ughhhhhh.... here....because for the most part...I've been blowing by NOFollow...

Do they still give you some link mojo??

any input..greatly appreciated


and ya know..this little known forum is like being among a bunch of net assassins....little known..obscure..but very..powerful...yeah yeah..I know..I'm weird


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NoFolow Vs DoFollow..Debate Empty Re: NoFolow Vs DoFollow..Debate

Post  Backlinker on Mon Feb 28, 2011 4:08 pm

I know someone who created a new website which rank #2 out of 3,000,000 pages of a very competitive keyword.

What he did was:
- mention his website to facebook (nofollow links)
- post a link in yahoo answers (nofollow links)
- tweet his followers (nofollow links)
- post a link in wikipedia (nofollow link)
- blog commenting to relevant blogs (nofollow links)

and after 10 weeks, ranked #2 on a very competitive keyword.

In my opinion, just my opinion, information about nofollows are not entirely accurate. How come he's able to rank #2 in a competitive keyword with just nofollow links.


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